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Keynote Presentations


Concurrent A: 11:30 – 12:15 pm
A1: Revolutionising Culture – Positive workplace culture for improved service performance. View Presentation Slides
A2: WORKSHOP: Campus development strategy – how to plan for the future. View Abstract
A3: The UNZ New Zealand Women in Leadership Programme. View Presentation Slides
A4: WORKSHOP: Addressing change through innovation by thinking like an entrepreneur. View Abstract
A5: The Changing Role of the Campus Library. View Presentation Slides
A6: Complex systems thinking: the key to developing a successful Asset Management Plan at Curtin University. View Abstract
A7: From plan to place transforming Monash. View Presentation Slides
A8: USC and The Mill at Moreton Bay – collaboration, innovation and transformation. View Presentation Slides

Concurrent B: 12:20 – 1:05 pm
B1 (HEd Talks)

B2: PANEL: Maturing a sense of leadership identity for tertiary education managers. View Presentation Slides
B3: UOM – Arts West Redevelopment. View Abstract
B4: Asset Management Reboot at the University of Auckland. View Presentation Slides
B5: Understanding What Pedagogical Shift Means. View Presentation Slides
B6: USQs Service Excellence Revolution. View Abstract

Concurrent C: 4:00 – 4:45 pm
C1: Attendance at the AUA and visiting UK Universities. View Presentation Slides
C2: The 40-year Life Cycle. View Abstract
C3: It’s a long way to the top if you start at the very bottom! View Presentation Slides
C4: Knowledge Masterplans. View Abstract
C5: New Academic Street, transforming the heart of the city campus. View Presentation Slides
C6: Unlocking Educational Social Value. View Presentation Slides
C7: The Learning and Teaching Building. View Presentation Slides
C8: HiQ, how can we help you. View Presentation Slides

Concurrent D: 11:00 – 11:50 pm
D1: Transitioning to Performance Based. View Presentation Slides
D2: University of Melbourne Smart Campus Initiative. View Presentation Slides
D3: WORKSHOP: The Path to Publishing. View Presentation Slides
D4: Maurie Pawsey Award. View Presentation Slides
D5: QUT LaunchPad. View Presentation Slides
D6: Shaping new technologies. View Abstract
D7: Designing and managing the New Campus.View Presentation Slides
D8: The revolution is upon us. View Presentation Slides
D9: Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability. View Abstract

Concurrent E: 11:50 – 12:35 pm
E1: Implementing Activity Based Work Environments within a University. View Presentation Slides
E2: KPI’s to measure HE facilities performance / Predicting space needs for research. View Presentation Slides
E3: HEd talks:

E4: Transforming The Education Experience. View Presentation Slides
E5: Paradox of a POE. View Presentation Slides
E6: Lessons from the West Coast: The TwentyFirst-Century Campus. View Abstract
E7: Year of Change. View Presentation Slides
E8: Carbon Neutrality and embedding sustainability into the curriculum – find out how! View Presentation Slides

Concurrent F: 3:30 – 4:15 pm
F1: HEd talks

F2: Big Data’s Big Impact on Facilities Operations and Organizations. View Abstract
F3: Reciprocal loyalty: Using the experience of transitioning to a new Business school to evaluate and develop a community of practice in professional services teams. View Presentation Slides
F4: Innovation in Brief Creation: Spatial Pedagogy (or how re-framing the question led to design innovation). View Presentation Slides
F5: HEd talks

  • Creating meaningful ‘Real World’ learning experiences in the Virtual Age. View Presentation Slides
  • A flexible and intuitive framework for creative experience – QUT Creative Industries Precinct Stage 2. View Abstract

F6: Healthy Disregard for the Impossible Essential for The Macquarie University Incubator. View Presentation Slides
F7: The Vertical City Campus – A course ‘agnostic’ approach. View Abstract
F8: Creating the Ultimate Student Experience. View Abstract
F9: Lessons learnt from the first 6 Star Green Star Communities rated university campus. View Presentation Slides

Concurrent G: 11:00 – 11:50 am
G1: PANEL: The Closed Loop Campus – A sustainable future. View Presentation Slides
G2: Digital Utilisation Data Collection Frequency and Occupancy of learning and teaching spaces in real time. View Presentation Slides
G3: HEd talks:

  • Testing a revolutionary idea for career enhancement. View Abstract
  • Work-Life Equilibrium – Confession of an engineering project leader, a wife, mom, and church leader. View Presentation Slides
  • Can you ‘design’ success in your own life/ your own work? View Abstract
  • How a power outlet led me to quit my job.View Abstract
  • Designing your professional life Interactive session. View Abstract

G4: WORKSHOP: Conversations of Intrigue: Creating conversations for change. View Presentation Slides
G5: Student accommodation, culture or cringe? View Abstract
G6: Internal reviews: a holistic approach to change. View Presentation Slides
G7: Reshaping building projects with a game changing delivery model. View Presentation Slides
G8: CSI Waikato: Investigation into contract cheating. View Presentation Slides

Concurrent H: 11:45 – 12:30 pm
H1: HEd talks

H2: HEd talks:

  • Machine learning course planning engine. View Abstract
  • Review of Academic Progress – The Mammoth Beast Tamed. View Presentation Slides

H3: What if academics at your university interacted as much as the students? View Presentation Slides
H4: Working towards utopia: The journey of a university’s planning cycle. View Abstract
H5: Vertical learning on the rise: Evolving for the future. View Presentation Slides
H6: Discover, dream, design and deliver your destiny! View Presentation Slides

Concurrent I: 1:30 – 2:15 pm
I1: The business case for batteries. View Presentation Slides
I2: When Pam Met Kamal: Using data to improve inclusion & attract students. View Abstract
I3: The view from the back row – a strategy for growing self directed innovative teams. View Presentation Slides
I4: The importance of incremental innovation – Nurturing innovation inside bureaucratic organisations. View Presentation Slides
I5: WORKSHOP: Reimagining the Faculty Workplace: What are the big questions we should be asking? View Presentation Slides
I6: Making good business sense: Supporting start-ups in the Tertiary Realm. View Presentation slides
I7: HEd talks

I8: Complaints – what’s not to love about them? Four positive reasons to welcome the negative. View Presentation Slides

Concurrent J: 2:15 – 3:00 pm
J1: Understanding the Impact of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) on occupant well being and productivity in universities. View Presentation Slides
J2: E+M=POWER, combining Education and Mentoring to enhance women’s leadership and career development. View Presentation Slides
J3: Why did we do this? Additional offerings of Engineering and Built Environment degrees over multiple campuses. View Presentation Slides
J4: HEd talks

  • Working together to realise big ideas: World Café: a simple technique for solving complicated problems. View Abstract
  • The quiet revolution: boosting international enrolments and internationalising research training in engineering. View Presentation Slides

J5: HEd talks

J6: PANEL: Brand new day: the revolutionary ideas transforming student experience. View Presentation Slides

The E-displays will be available to view until Friday 3 November.

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