TEMC 2017 is presented by ATEM & TEFMA

Workshop: Campus Development Strategy – How to plan for the future

If you attended TEMC 2016 you may recall Paul Roberts from Turnberry Consulting as one of our keynote speakers. This year Paul is running a workshop which will be of most benefit to those who need to embark on a new campus planning effort in the near future. Spaces in this workshop are limited so if you would like to attend, please email [email protected] to secure your space.

When: Monday, 18 September at 11:30am – 1:30pm
Cost: $50.00

The broader issue of planning for the future is always topical at in institution. Is there alignment with an academic plan; is there clarity over growth; do we need a new campus; how can we be competitive; how do we spread the capital and balance with maintenance; should I do a SAMP or a master plan or a higher level exercise. All these questions are often relevant particularly given that Vice Chancellors come and go and often focus on campus planning early in their term. All too ofter campus planning is a default to a spatial master plan rather than a strategic approach designed to achieve competitive advantage. This workshop will explore the broader strategic issues about how best to plan for the future

The workshop will be split between lectures and debate as follows:

  • a review of the history of campus development and how the different campiest typologies have emerged. This section will also include a section of the estate trends that are current around the world. This will be followed by a debate
  • the second lecture will be a review of how campus planning should be approached . All the key issues and options for tackling the issues. From this there will be a feed back session whereby the groups identify what the common themes are. At the end there will be a summary of all the issues.

About Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts is a Director of Turnberry Consulting in London. He is the joint author of University Planning and Architecture : The Search for Perfection ( Routledge 2015) and University Trends: Contemporary Campus Design ( Routledge 2015). The latter publication covered schemes that were completed in 2011-2013. Early in 2018 a new edition will be published looking at schemes from 2014-2016. Roberts will provide an early review of these trends as part of the workshop.

Paul has been involved in many strategy exercises in relation to University Estates. He was involved with the University of Oxford from 1996 to 2012 . At present he is considered strategic issues for Rhodes House, UCL, the University of Cambridge and Trinity College Dublin. He has also acted for Canterbury Victoria Curtin, Newcastle Flinders and Melbourne.